Biography of Mohammad Reza

He was born on the 1st of June, 1976 in Tehran. He studied theatre, drama and acting. He started his activity in the fields of voice acting, acting, singing, performing and teaching since 1995, and he has taught in the field of art of expression, narration, dubbing, and acting in Hor Cultural and Educational Centre, the art department of Islamic propaganda organization of Kharazmi university, Faculty of News, Chakavk Ghased institute, Aida Film School and Millennium Art Academy.

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Training courses

Mohammad Reza started teaching in 1995 and teaches in the fields of art of expression, narration, dubbing, acting in Hor Cultural and Educational Center, Art Field of Kharazmi University Islamic Propaganda Organization, Faculty of News, Chakavok Ghased School, Aida Film School and Millennium Millennium Art Academy

Artistic honors

He was invited to the Tedx for transferring his experience, the way, he as an effective person performs his passionate speech and the beauty of the way he has spent his life. In spite of receiving many rewards, he has also been chosen for his many programs in the organization & training and acting centers of the an ambassador of Tazminchi brand.

Artistic activities

While Alimardani has been spending most of his activities in the field of soundproofing, and role playing in more than 40 video projects, he showed that art has no bound and limit for him and he can also be successful in the arena of role playing . Some of his image works are as follow: tv series of the war of the sun( 1373), tv series of norooz 76, (1377), tv series of conciliation, long night winter series( 1383) & ...

Specail One

Mohammad Reza Alimardani, an artist who was once deprived of the blessing of having a normal voice (due to congenital laryngitis) for conversation, and with faith, will and hard work, achieved unparalleled achievements in various fields of voice and acting and was invited to transfer his experience to TEDx where he as an influential person presented a passionate and impressive speech about the path he has taken. In addition to receiving numerous awards and certificates, he has been selected as the ambassador of the Tazminchi Brand and the Iranian Organ Donation Association in institutes, organizations and educational and artistic centres of the country.

At first, Mohammadreza Alimardani was active in the field of dubbing, but after discovering her natural talent, she was able to perform very well in the fields of acting, hosting, stand-up comedy, theater and even singing in addition to voice acting.

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Honors and work history

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Certificates and Appreciation